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Comments / 28 September 2005 | 16:54
Rather strange, funny and odd traffic signs Rather strange, funny and odd traffic signs

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i (01:19 | 24 December,2005)
Congratulations on your newly developed site. These photos are fascinating! Please contact me on my email adress ( I am planning on having a gathering with my fellow chess club members and i am excited to share my findings with them! Thank you for your time, Kelsi Kuhn
flaminspaz (05:07 | 24 December,2005)
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Mark (16:26 | 02 February,2006)
The third sign is one formerly used on German highways during WWII. A lot of these signs were never removed.
grog (22:41 | 06 February,2006)
SOME ONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!! (00:35 | 28 February,2006)
man those signs rock out
Jochen (16:52 | 16 March,2006)
The third sign is not a speed limit sign. It is as sign for militray load limits on bridges (in tons).
holly (21:17 | 06 April,2006)
youre website is PANTS ha ha ha ha ha ha u losers ha ha ha ha ha ha ha its worse than teletubbies!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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